About the Artist

Mallory is a painter and has been studying and producing art for 30 years. She became a part-time resident of Provincetown, MA in 1996 and has maintained a home and business in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over 40 years. She now spends winters in Hollywood, Florida. She grew up in Kansas City, Mo. surrounded by people involved in the world of Art and Music. Her fascination with painting began as a very young girl on many visits to the Nelson-Atkins Fine Arts Museum.

Her expertise includes Oil, Acrylic and Mixed Media. She mainly uses brushes and pallet knives and Canvas/Linen is her primary surface. Mallory's art education includes extensive study through mentorships, workshops and classes throughout the years in Provincetown and Santa Fe.

Mallory is a long time member and contributor to the Provincetown Art Association & Museum and the Truro Center for Fine Arts at Castle Hill. She became a member of The Provincetown Commons in 2019 and is currently a summer resident artist at the Commons. Her works have been successfully exhibited as shown below :

“Emerging Artists” – four person show, 2009, in Provincetown, Ma.

“Points of View” – two artist show in Dec. 2012, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Open Portrait Show at Jo Hay Gallery in Provincetown, MA – 2017

Provincetown Art Association & Museum – Artist Members’ exhibits and

The Annual 12x12 show.

Truro Center for Fine Arts at Castle Hill – Members’ shows.

In addition to her “Painting Life”, she has a BBA in Finance, and Graduate work In Water Resources Administration. She is a founder and co-owner of White & Luff Financial in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has received awards and recognition throughout her career as an investment Advisor and broker.

Artist Statement

"My Artistic inspirations come from daily surroundings, recorded memories or my imagination. I become fascinated with the character of a flower or person or animal or color and shadow theme and am compelled to capture my observation through painting.

Paintings from representational to abstract and the subject matter is “eclectic”. Everything is fair game. The paintings are often simple in composition and almost portrait like in presentation. Although eclectic, I’m told that the look and feel of my paintings seem to tie together.. I strive for clean hues and my work is very direct or in your face so to speak.

I paint figures with undefined faces, portraits of animals and humans, flowers, still lifes, water themes, the occasional journey to the abstract with a possible touch of humor imbedded here and there. My favorite tools are brushes and pallet knives and techniques may include layering and texturing. My main materials are oil and acrylic, usually on Canvas/Linen.

"The influences of the great painters in northern New Mexico and Provincetown, Mass. have been enormous in my life as a painter. The teachers, mentors and artist friends I’ve had have been fabulous. I thank them all for their wisdom and help on my journey."

Contact information: mallorypainting1@gmail.com

Phone – 505-660-4222

Web site – paintingsbymallory.com

July – October Studio A at the Provincetown Commons